Joey and John clan

                                Ultimate News 

No time for updates in long time. so the news are
TBD leave the clan and we recruit 3 new members
[J]Babar, [J]GoldenHearth. [J]Slippy.

thanks to all of them



Great News. theres a new ATDM Tournament with
money >:D. anyone can just sign up and its in. just go
to . .



Soviet is kicked out of [J] due to facking and insult clanmates.



I would like to say ''Welcome'' to our new clanmember, TheWolf, this guy is a hoster of [J] Atdm, so it's cool,
and be cool with him ,



I'm trying to get some new vids and demorecs to our vid zone wanna up load yuor demorec? juss tell us on our forums



Greetings to our new members. ~[J]Devilfish~ and ~[J]IRCSpaz~


Well I confirmed it , Bushfire leave [J]eys, well i dunno why but that's what he told me greettings from [J]



Web page Update, ye i make some cool intro to J's web,
enjoy :=)



We lose our third clanwar agains [PX] Phoenix, even when the macth was 2 vs 2, Phantom Show's he's skill ther, anyway the clanwar will be 3 maps, and J's win one, but this day Shades play for J 



We  lost our official second clan war agains Beggining of your end , this macth was figth on three maps 

-DXMP_CMD = [B] Wins
-DXMP_Smuggler= [B] Wins
-DXMP_Cathedral= [B] Wins 

the members of ~[J]~ were


and the members of [B] were


that's all people

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